Being Adriane is a collection of growth testimonials that are meant to encourage, inspire and lift up women. This blog serves a space where I blog about my passions, work, and journey as a 20-something millennial who lives, works and plays in my hometown, Detroit. I want to build a community here where other women can share their journeys as well.

What are you working on “being?”

I’m on a journey to find and live in my purpose and I know there are other women just like me. Share your stories with me and let’s find our “being” together.

What is Being Adriane?

As a digital marketing professional, I have spent my career building blogs and websites for clients which I love but this is something I’m doing for pure enjoyment. I intend for this blog to be a reflection of my personality and will include content that covers topics like relationships, pop culture, professional tips, wellness and local events.

I plan to blog about the world from my perspective.

A little bit more about me

I’m engaged to marry a wonderful human being, my best friend and favorite person on the planet. I work in public relations and marketing. I am a Christian who God isn’t finished with yet so pray for me. I’m a sister to two awesome older siblings and the seed of two of the greatest people in the world.

I love to travel, eat and watch trashy television. One way to describe who I am is being stuck between a deep love for 90s boy bands and an addiction to trap music.

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